The Mean Street Called Social Media

 A wise woman once said, “If you dislike someone, don’t follow them on social media…” and I verily agree.  
Why else would you troll over the pictures, tweets and joys of someone you dislike except to further feed your spite? Perhaps this is the root cause of the ravaging disease I have chosen to call social-media-rage.  


Sometimes,  I believe its the anonymity, the invincibility or the impersonal feel of social media that accounts for the depth of vitriol we cast on each other in the name of ‘having an opinion.’ You can’t disagree with someone these days on social media without going through the wringer…what exactly are we all trying to prove?   Imagine you were having that same convo with someone face-to-face…would you so easily fling abusive words? Or so easily get riled up?  

Pre-election Nigeria has been an eye-opener, the wolves have indeed come out to play. No decorum, courtesy or respect is necessary when you are valiantly defending GMB’s certificate’lessness’ or GEJ’s cluelesness. Friendship, gender and age are trivialities to be dispensed with. You must agree with me or… “Your father! ” This is freedom of speech & expression gone sour!  

If I had only social media to go by, I might conclude that the concept of humanity must be investigated. How do people spew such hate and cruelty with their words and cry when a suicide bomber detonates a bomb? Hate and cruelty is the meat of those people, same as you!  

On instagram after the AMVCA’s, checking out what the stars wore, and there’s this girl -urgalsugar- who is writing a derogatory comment on every picture she sees. She goes as far as to say, that ‘fat people should not be allowed to attend the AMVCA’s’ under a picture of OAP Miss Wana Wana. Of course, I had to see what she looked like, and bam! She had a picture of her bare backside on display, and was furiously insulting anyone who did not believe that a slim girl like her could have such a …( LOL). Needless to say, I weak! The capital L word came to mind, but I moved on. These insta streets are mean!  


Then the comments on Blogs like Linda Ikeji…OMG! Nothing is sacred there. Mother, father, ethnicity,  religion…they will slice, dice and serve you up for dinner! The topic or thrust of the post is disregarded by the 5th comment as the warfront is declared open.  
Twitter…hmmm. People have too much stamina there, they can go on for dayyyyssss! President, Celeb, Elder or younger statesman…on Twitter,  everybody be mate! Not for the faint of heart!  

Facebook… I daresay a lot of relationships are a little strained already. Seriously though, when you post a Facebook update, and then go on to say, ‘Its my timeline,’ aren’t you being a little ridiculous? The whole reason you put it on Facebook and not in your diary or even blog is because you wanted your 700-and -something acquaintances to see it and deliberate on it. Even more ridiculous is when you expect everyone to agree with you. That however gives no one the right to be derogatory.  

I mean, when did we forget how to ignore stuff? Do you pick a fight with every person that looks at you wrongly in the office or on the street?   Shoutout to those who try to keep it positive and uplifting, who know how to fight fair, and how to lose without being sore.  

As you stroll through social media this week, kindly commit to being sociable, forgiving, even tolerant. The hate starts from somewhere, please don’t let it start with you!  

Uncensored:Told my almost 3-year old I would give her a spanking for which she would have no reference point! LOL! A tired, bothered Mom speaks a lot of grammar and should not be trifled with!

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