10 Signs You Are a Mom… #HappyMothersDay

You know you are in ‘Momville’ when…


1. You have ‘me’ time all alone…in the loo.

2. Your nipples are cracked and sore, but you bravely breastfeed.

3. You can hear your child squirm…from behind five closed doors.

4. You are a fix-it, get-it-moving machine.

5. You combine breastfeeding with getting homework done and making dinner.

6. You get excited about free shipping from Carters, and The Childrens Place.

7. You have three pairs of shoes & your daughter has eight, & counting…

8. You sleep deeply but lightly and awake quickly but slowly.

9. You have wiped down a fever, cleaned up vomit and endured a splash of poo.

10. You pray, sacrifice, give, bend over, abase, abound…to ensure your babies are healthy, happy & thriving.  

#HappyMothersDay to the World’s Greatest Beings!


Grandma of Life!

Uncensored: Typed this during my me time in the loo…can hear the Boo going ballistic. Poo stinks, but will stay in another 20 minutes!

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