Women Can Drive Too!


I haven’t been driving for very long. In popular parlance, ‘my hand is just getting strong.’ I also still have butterflies in my stomach when driving through uncharted territories.

In my short experience though, I have discovered this: most road users are impatient, selfish and plainly speaking,  not nice,  especially towards female drivers.
Long before I started driving, I had observed this adverse reaction towards women on wheels. Its two-fold: 1. Women are not sharp drivers, and 2. Women won’t let you shunt.

Nos 2 I not only understand, but fully implement. Prior to this time, I was the nice driver who allowed people pass before her at junctions, who slowed to allow anyone reversing etc do so in peace. The favour it seems, is never returned. You allow a cab driver enter your lane and he rewards you by stopping every other minute to pick and drop passengers. People want to edge me out of my lane because they think I will go without a fight. They give you black looks for accommodating other road users, and honk you down for obeying the traffic wardens.

Why? Because other road users are impatient & ungrateful. And I am taking the gloves off. Only pedestrians make my ‘slow down and allow list’. Let’s go there.

Uncensored: Yes, I have pondered and wondered about whether I am letting the bad overwhelm the good. Right now however, this feels like the way forward. Do not try to bully the next female driver you see…it might be me!

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