A Green Patch in a Brown Field

It’s a brand new week, and if you are a Nigerian, it’s entirely possible you are being regaled with tales of misery and woe. Before I continue though, let me tell you about my lawn.

Thanks to the scorching sun and the harmattan hangover, our gardener -cum- security guard has little or no work to do and he is very glad that all that remains of the verdant green is brown, unfruitful grass. But there is this one ‘troublesome’ spot located just under the water tank. Because it was constantly watered by the overflow from the tank, it sprouted and flourished even in the driest periods of the harmattan season.

As I looked out my window one morning and observed the green patch thriving in the midst of the barren-land, it occurred to me that this was my story- this is my story and it could be yours too.

I am the tree that is planted by the streams of righteousness, flourishing in and out of season. I am the green patch in a desolate place, watered continuously from the source, my source.

Yes, economic stats matter, and yes they do look foreboding and bla, bla, bla, but I would have you know that some of the giant and enduring names including Microsoft and HP were founded in times of ‘recession.’

One man’s recession is another man’s succession.

Choose ye this day whose report you will believe, and if it’s the Lord’s, for Christ sakes, speak like it and act like it!!!

Break forth!!!

P.S: Believing the report of the Lord means you have to know the report of the Lord. From me to you, it is more crucial than ever to
study and speak the Word.

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