FOR BELIEVERS ONLY: Where are the Good Samaritans?

As I sat in church this morning, a totally random experience creeped into my thoughts. Except it was not so random because it had happened to me on my way to church- albeit many years ago.
Some years ago, I set out to attend the early morning service at an unnamed church. As I was wont to do, I hailed an ‘okada’, gingerly climbed on (gown and all) and began the ride. The wind whipped past as we sped on and I let my thoughts wander- I hoped I would not miss the praise session, I wondered what I would eat for lunch and how I would spend the rest of my day.

As we turned into the street leading to the church, my thoughts turned to getting the right amount of change for the driver to avoid any delay.

About 20 steps or a minutes ride to the church, the okada rider sped into a culvert and lost his balance. The details are hazy as everything happened quickly, but I was crying, my right leg had been burnt by the exhaust tube and my left thigh was grazed raw by the kerb.

As other okada riders gathered around to help, I saw -through tear filled eyes- my church members, driving past and headed to church. A few looked right at me and glanced away, others didn’t even bother.

So I sat there, on the road, hurt and teary, only a few steps from my church, while my fate was decided by a few okada riders. Finally, I was helped back on the bike (imagine!) and I was driven back to my uncle’s house. Thereafter, I was taken to the Pharmacist, and you know what followed.

Why did my church members see me, clearly wounded and hurt and ride on? Clearly, I wasn’t easily recognizable after a great fall of a speeding bike. But even if I wasn’t a church member, I was a young lady- not mentally insane- who was in some pain. Was it too much to expect some concern no matter how superficial from those with whom I fellowshipped? From the body of Christ?

You can say this was a modern day version of the ‘Good Samaritan.’ I am sure we all ooohheed and aaahhed at the levites and prophets who would not stop to help the man who was badly beaten and injured. Only we do it every day in the business and busyness of our daily lives:

All those years ago and I can’t say the tale has changed. If anything the pace has quickened and days pass by in a haze. Can we actually interrupt our lives to affect, infect and impact those hurting around us?

This is the question we must all answer.
For all those who do, kudos. Continue to be the light.

P.S: Self-righteousness, eye service or superficial concern do not a good Samaritan make.