Jenny uncensored is me…sharing my world with you through the medium I know best…at least for now.

I am a daughter of God, Wife, Mother, Writer, Afronaturalista, Lawyer, Aspiring filmmaker, & more, much more.

Had a ‘love’ affair with Blogger for many years, but its over now.

Let’s get this party started… I am keeping open house in God-colors in 2016!!!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome to wordpress. I personally think wordpress is a better medium than blogger. I might be biased but i’m sure you are gonna love it here. Bw, I had been looking for you on blogger didn’t know you had migrated.


  2. hmmmmm…….ur blog looks like it could use some tweaking… 😉
    holla if u r interested in a facelift……as usual, for u Madame Editor, itz alwaiz free!!!…(till i change my mind sha….)


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